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  • Welcome to Liaoning Hengye Xincai

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      Liaoning Hengye Automobile New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 which is a large private enterprise that focus on production of automobile parts, she is also the revisor of National Standard of profile steel for auto wheel rim-YB/T5227-2005 and wheel side ring-YB/T039-2005. The ISO9001/ISO14000/TS16949 have been certificated.. Hengye owns 3 hot rolling production lines with a designing an...more
      Copyright@2010-2014 Liaoning Hengye Automobile New Material Co., Ltd. Inc All Rights Reserved. address:Liaoning Hengye Automobile New Material Co., Ltd. call:0412-8468948 Liaoning Hengye Automobile New Material Co., Ltd.
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